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How to Draw a Blackhead Out

If your blackheads are as stubborn as mine were, you're probably spending every other day squeezing those little critters out of your nose, chin and cheeks. Gross!

What makes this form of acne so recurrent? Why is it that you draw a blackhead out one day and have it return a couple of days later?

I'm here to stop you from ruining your skin by constantly squeezing and forcing blackheads out. This tutorial will show you exactly how to draw a blackhead out the right way, so they don't come back with a vengeance.

First let's just take a look at what exactly a blackhead is...

Blackheads form as the result of oil leaving your pores and pooling on the surface. The oil hardens and oxidizes within the skin, giving it that dark and dirty color.

Picture this...

Your skin's pores act as a pipeline that lets oil flow through freely. When the oil hardens on a pore and creates a blackhead, it blocks the skin's much needed oil flow.

As your glands continue to pump out oil, the oil has no where to flow because of this "roadblock". The oil slowly collects beneath the skin's surface giving you a bumpy, rough look on your face.

So what's the ultimate solution?

Knowing how to draw a blackhead out the proper way will condition your skin to prevent these clogs as time goes by.

It's a fairly simple regimen, but following it exactly will be an effective solution with longlasting results.

Firstly, you should understand that although oil is a culprit to most blackheads, oil is not the enemy. Your skin's oil is there to fight off bacteria from the skin and keep your skin hydrated. This protects it from aging, damage from sun, wind and other environmental factors.

The answer to maintaining a clear complexion, free from blackheads, is keeping your skins natural oil flow minimal and uninterrupted after drawing a blackhead out correctly.

Here's how you do it.

Step 1: Clean Your Face

Wash your face with warm water using a glycerin based soap. Then use some kind of gentle exfoliant scrub to clear off any dead skin. You'll want to do this to ensure you don't push bacteria back into your pores when you draw a blackhead out.

Step 2: Open up your pores nice and big

There are generally two ways to do this. The easiest way is to do the entire process of drawing out a blackhead in the shower. The steam in the shower will open your pores and prepare your skin for the next step. If you want to know how to draw a blackhead out in front of your bathroom mirror, simply soak a face towel in hot steaming water. Then pat the hot, steamy towel on your face until you feel your skin getting warm and your pores opening up.

Step 3: Draw out the blackheads

There are many ways to draw out a blackhead. Some people use earwax remover. Yes, earwax remover. Here's what you do. Apply the earwax remover to the patch of blackhead plagued skin and let it sit for a couple of minutes then rinse it away with warm water.

Here's what you'll see.

The earwax remover melts away the hardened cap of the blackhead, allowing your skin's oil to begin flowing normally again. You'll see little yellowish looking strings of oils pushing out of the pores.

If you're feeling reluctant about putting earwax on your skin, and many people do, you can still squeeze out blackheads the proper way.

To draw a blackhead out the right way, use two small pieces of tissue paper to form a barrier between your fingers and your skin.

Gently, pushing outward, squeeze the blackhead out. Do not apply extreme amounts of pressure if the blackhead doesn't naturally get pushed out.

Carefully push until the root of the blackhead squeezes from the pore. You'll notice that the root of the blackhead is a bit darker and thicker than the head.

Step 4: Kill the remaining bacteria in the pore

Using a cotton pad or a cotton ball, apply Salicylic or Benzoyl Peroxide to the skin. Do NOT overmedicate. Just put one or two drops on the cotton and pat the affected area of skin until the pores appear clean.

The idea here is to kill any remaining bacteria in the pores so new blackheads won't form. If your skin isn't sensative and you don't have access to acne medication, you can substitute this part of the regimen with a drop or two of rubbing alcohol.

Again, try not to overdry the area. Use your judgement.

Step 5: Tighten your pores back up.

After applying the medication to your face, wait about 5 minutes. Let the medicine really sink in and clean your skin.

Then splash cold water on your face until you feel your pores tighten up again. The idea here is to clean out your skin and then seal it up like a vaccum, keeping your pores fresh and clear.

If your blackhead outbreaks tend to be pretty stubborn, you'll want to do this regimen for about 5 days in a row to stop the recurrences. However, if you notice irritation from overwashing, take a day or two off.

After 5 consecutive days of this treatment, your blackhead issue should be resolved.

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