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Foods that Fight Acne

The foods below will be staples in your acne fighting diet. Although nothing will set off your acne free life as fast as the 3 Day Acne Cure, these ingredients should help maintain your new gorgeous complexion and prevent future breakouts.

Almonds contain Vitamin E and B Vitamins that revitalize the skin. They are a healthy protein and will give your skin a softer, glowing complexion. On top of that, these nuts are a powerful antioxident, warding off infections, strengthening your immune system, lowering your cholesterol and stopping acne from showing its ugly face. Do you really need any other reason to eat this natural wonder food? Eat one handful of almonds a day. No more. No less. You'll see the results gradually over time. This is a proven acne cure.

Drink 1% or Skim Milk regularly. Other than the wonderful benefits that Vitamin D provides, drinking milk will give your skin a long-term elasticity that prevents wrinkles. No, I'm not saying you'll be wrinkle free for life, but milk will give you a fighting chance. But who cares about wrinkles right? You're interested in acne. Well the acne benefit to milk is its natural ability to moisturize skin from the inside out. You will still need to use moisturizers, but your complexion will be must less dry. As you know, less dryness means less irritation and less irritation means fewer breakouts.

Personally, I'm a big granny smith apple fan so this eating habit comes easy. Also, apples are rich in Vitamins and give you all the nutrients you need to reduce your skin's toxicity levels. Actually the real key here is natural cleansing fiber. Many foods are high in fiber. You can try whole grain cereals, vegetables, beans, lentils, Live-Active cottage cheese, certain yogurts and ground flaxseed just for starters. The principle here is keeping your colon clean which results in an overall healthier system.

I can't reinforce this enough. Drink 8 eight oz. glasses a day to keep your skin clear, clean and acne free. This is the foundation of your natural acne fight. Keep at it. Most people add this routine to their day and start seeing improvement immediately.

I take a multivitamin once a day to ensure that I'm getting all the nutrition my diet may be lacking. Our eating habits can't be perfect all the time. By taking a multivitamin once a day, you ensure you are getting everything you need.

Healthy Fats
Alvocados, walnuts, light cheeses, low fat milk, almond butter and olive oil are some great examples of how you can add healthy fat into your diet. These fats help your body absorb essential vitamins, keep your skin hydrated and promote healthy cell growth/reproducton. For those of you out there who are also looking to lose weight, these healthy fats will aid your body in dropping pounds as well. So healthy fats make you acne free AND fit. That's a beneficial one-two punch. You have no reason not to add this to your acne fighting arsenal. Go for it!

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